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About SparkReaction

Our Story

SparkReaction began with happy hour drinks between friends. At a previous employer, our founders saw first-hand the power of inbound marketing and how it helped them grow. They came from diverse professional backgrounds, but felt united by a common love and belief in the inbound marketing methodology.

They knew there was endless possibility to help other businesses succeed through the same strategies. Born out of an entrepreneurial spirit, the founders decided to take the leap and partner with HubSpot to start their own agency.

Many inbound marketing agencies began from existing marketing or design agencies. But SparkReaction was built from scratch because its founders believed in the inbound marketing methodology.

"The number one goal was to be our own best case study, and the growth of our agency has proven what is possible when you implement a detailed inbound marketing strategy," says Brian Wajda, co-founder of SparkReaction. Now, SparkReaction connects content strategy, social media, and web development in a way that resonates with businesses. Our clients are continually thrilled with the results we help them achieve.

Inbound: Not just a trend


Times are changing, and the traditional outbound marketing approach has long been dying before our eyes. We knew it was time to move beyond cold calls and unsolicited emails. There had to be a better way to connect with leads and grow customers — one that drew them in instead of hunting them down. Inbound marketing was the answer.

We also wanted to work in an industry in which people were at the core of everything we do. We sought a space that brought new challenges every day, and also offered meaningful relationships with valuable colleagues and clients. We wanted to solve people's problems with creative content and analytics. With content as our fuel and strategy as our guide, we set off as an inbound marketing agency to help businesses implement the new standard of marketing.

Partnering with HubSpot

SparkReaction at INBOUND 2015 Conference

Our pursuit needed a partner, and not just any automation software: We needed a platform to bring our marketing goals together. No marketing strategy can run effectively without the power of intelligent, innovative software.

As soon SparkReaction began, we knew from our prior experience that HubSpot was the best software company in the industry, and we wanted to become a part of it.

We focus on HubSpot because it's the all-in-one platform for executing inbound marketing efforts. When you need to connect the dots between your email, social media, blogging, landing pages, workflows, and your powerhouse website — HubSpot has got it all and more with powerful tools.

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