Client Spotlights: Ekklesia 360 and uVolunteer

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We don’t talk enough about our clients. I mean, in the office, it’s constant — check-ins and celebrations, thoughtful conversations and project management pings. But here, on our blog, we don’t share their successes nearly as often as we should.

Today, I’m going to pull up an office chair for you (metaphorically, of course, but let me know if you’re in the area and want to grab a drink). As we pore over the first 6-month progress report of one of our clients (Ekklesia 360) and the annual report of a second client (uVolunteer), we want to share some of the inbound marketing wins our team saw in 2015. 

Client Spotlight: Ekklesia 360

Ekklesia 360 is a website development company that partners with ministries around the world to help churches create a modern, engaging presence online. In 2006, the company (then known solely as Monk Development) began in the home of its founder, Drew Goodmanson––determined to help churches create and manage powerful ministry presences online. As the team grew over the next decade, so did the number of tools, website themes, and services it provided.

Fast-forward to the early spring of 2015, when marketing manager, Jodi Roberts, was quickly realizing that Ekklesia 360’s own online presence needed more fuel for its fire.

“We knew content production was a pivotal part of our inbound marketing strategy, but there is just always so much to be done. It felt like we couldn't get our head above water when it came to regularly producing blog posts and premium content.

This became the primary goal for our partnership with the Ekklesia 360 team: producing excellent, engaging, innovative content to reach and educate more church leaders and ministry minds. By blogging frequently and revising old premium content/creating new pieces to fill the “holes” in its array of offers, we would help the company build its rapport in the industry and draw in more visitors and leads.


But soon, we reached an early pivotal point in our work: We were generating more blog traffic than ever before, and these visitors needed to be captured as leads and nurtured down the buyer’s journey. We needed to set the marketing strategy as a more comprehensive lead-generating system.

To learn how our inbound marketing strategy changed after Ekklesia 360 increased its blog views over 350% with our Roadmap in place––see the full case study here.

Client Spotlight: uVolunteer  

UVolunteer is a volunteer abroad company that partners with people from around the world––with the mission of connecting them with meaningful, authentic service experiences in Costa Rica, Ghana, or Thailand. In 2005, Nathaniel Amponsah-Manu (uVolunteer’s founder), left his job at BBC in London to backpack throughout Southeast Asia for 3 months.

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This experience changed Nat’s life, as he quickly realized there were very few options for affordable travel while volunteering and serving at the same time. He didn’t just want to see the world; he wanted to help local people while learning about diverse cultures from the inside-out. In 2007, he started uVolunteer with the goal of connecting adventurous volunteers with trustworthy, people-focused volunteer placements on three different continents.

By 2014, uVolunteer’s online presence was strong. But a poor experience with a marketing group led to SEO problems that dropped Nat’s work from Google’s pages and slowed website traffic down considerably.

We began working together in January 2015––assuring Nat that with patience, a well-researched inbound marketing strategy (Roadmap), and consistent content creation, we could lift his traffic and develop more qualified leads through this relevant content.client-spotlights-ekklesia-360-and-uvolunteer.jpg

Our inbound marketing strategy laid out a comprehensive content calendar that included premium content offers, a bi-annual social media contest, and twice-weekly blogging––all designed to rebuild uVolunteer’s online presence and gain back the trust of search engines. In turn, we started to see rapid improvements in monthly traffic to both the blog and the website pages.

To see how we moved to the second phase of our marketing––converting traffic to high-quality leads for the uVolunteer sales team––read the full case study here.


If you've been waiting for an indisputable sign saying, "Now's the time, commit to inbound" — here it is. The proof is in the pudding with our clients, and we're darn proud to show off the amazing results they can achieve in just the first 6 or 12 months of our partnerships. We hope their stories (coupled with some hard HubSpot data) strikes a chord with you and your business. You could be one of our next success stories!