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How Growth-Driven Design Increased Lead Conversion by 178%

Avast Mobile Enterprise, a division of Avast Software, is the innovation leader in mobile virtualization, enabling secure, cost-effective, manageable access to enterprise applications from any mobile device.

Avast Mobile Enterprise, formerly known as Remotium, came to SparkReaction in March 2016 looking for a HubSpot partner to help reinvent the online user experience of their existing HubSpot hosted website due to a rebrand and acquisition.


One of the biggest challenges that Remotium experienced was low brand recognition. Not only had they created a technology that was new to the industry, but they had just been acquired by Avast Software, who was known for consumer anti-virus and mobile security software. Website visitors and prospects had trouble understanding how this new technology was different from the limiting solutions that are currently available in the marketplace, so it was difficult for them to generate leads at the top of the funnel.

In addition, there was no gated content on the existing website so the only way that Avast Mobile Enterprise was able to generate leads were at the bottom of the funnel for Sales demos or Free Trial requests. Their funnel was not optimized for lead conversion, and their team wasn't sure how to fix it.


SparkReaction worked with Avast Mobile Enterprise to identify and prioritize the goals for their new launchpad website. These goals included: 

  • Increased lead generation and conversion
  • Build brand recognition
  • Drive organic traffic performance

Here's how we fuffilled on those goals with a growth-driven design strategy.


Given the timeframe of the acquisition and upcoming tradeshows, SparkReaction's strategy forAvast Mobile Enterprise revolved around the growth-driven design methodology. This was the perfect solution to help kick off the new website redesign.

remotium-before-impact-award.jpgAvast previous website design

With bridging the gap between Avast Mobile Enterprise's old website and its future one, SparkReaction recommended starting with the development of a launchpad website using the growth-driven design methodology which would tie in directly with the inbound marketing strategy that we had developed for them.

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Following this growth-driven design methodology allowed Avast Mobile Enterprise to prioritize
the most important content and functionality, optimize for lead generation and lead conversion, and quickly turn around a new website to launch their revised brand.

The launchpad approach also prioritized user flows from the homepage, added a new area to show off upcoming tradeshow events more prominently and simplified their messaging so visitors could figure out more quickly what it is they provide. 

remotium-after-impact-award.jpgThe new Avast Mobile Enterprise website design


The results speak for themselves! In fewer than 30 days after the launch of Avast Mobile Enterprise's new homepage, the site:

  • increased total traffic by 98%.
  • increased organic conversion rate by 178.8%.
  • increased total average conversion rate from 2.02% to 2.38% (not ccounting for direct traffic).
  • started ranking for 2 industry keywords (ranked #1 and #4, respectively).
  • increased free trial conversion requests by 14%.

Additionally, the "learn more" call-to-action on the homepage averaged a 3.65% click-through rate, and the demo call-to-action in the footer averaged a 1.48% click-through rate.

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