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How We Grew a B2B Lead Conversion Rate By 842% YOY

I've said it before — HubSpot's Inbound conference is like Christmas for us marketers. Swag bags, great food, and agency reunions abound. But my favorite part of the experience is always sharing our client stories with other industry leaders. It's like updating my favorite aunts on the last year of my life 'round the pumpkin pie. 

We do that in a little competition called the Impact Awards. Today, we're giving you a look behind the HubSpot strategy of First Stop Health, a telemedicine company based in Chicago.

 First Stop Health provides over-the-phone medical consultations to patients who are short on time. Doctors easily diagnose ailments, prescribe medications, and help patients navigate today's complex healthcare system. It's all for free, if an employer provides the service to its employees.

Our partners, a marketing team of just two brave souls, were navigating the robust capabilities of HubSpot while fielding a hoard of other tasks. Maria Opdycke, Chief Marketing Officer at First Stop Health, invested in HubSpot for three purposes:

  • To manage the customer lifecycle and nurture leads in First Stop Health's funnel.
  • To streamline and automate processes for her customers.
  • To become an online industry leader with SEO optimized, high-ranking website pages.

Enter the First Stop Health and SparkReaction partnership. We began wrapping our brains around Maria's business goals. We conducted a HubSpot portal audit and market research — and soon, we were armed with an Inbound Marketing Roadmap, and three big marketing goals to tackle.

Here's an inside look into how we reached those goals with an inbound marketing strategy. 


Goal One: Customer Lifecycle Management and Lead Conversion

First Stop Health's small marketing team had filled their database with leads, but they didn't have any nurturing set up — which left these leads hanging.

After entering the funnel, leads were never educated past the Awareness Stage. They were certainly not ready to become Opportunities for the sales team, though. This left a gaping hole in the middle of the funnel.

First Stop Health needed a customer lifecycle management strategy — and corresponding content — to inform and nurture leads without sounding pushy. They also needed to filter the database for high-quality leads who were ready for the sales team. 

As an agency, one of our core strengths is funnel optimization and development. So when we identified this funnel goal, we did our happy dance! We worked with Maria to audit the Hubspot portal and determine the biggest sources of conversion. We identified one main conversion point: a demo of the First Stop Health platform.

We now knew what these leads were interested in — the product and its features — but we also knew they weren't ready to talk to sales. The leads had great potential, but they needed more education, more time, and a little nurturing. 

The leads had great potential, but they needed more education, more time, and a little nurturing.

We decided a Consideration Stage offer would be the best possible way to further inform marketing qualified leads about First Stop Health's product. This gave leads the chance to raise their hands if they were ready to learn from sales. 

We created the offer "Telemedicine Companies: The First Stop Health Difference" to prove our client's utilization rate. This eBook explained to leads that First Stop Health could drive savings and generate real results.

The Impact

We created two segmented workflows to offer this Consideration content to leads. We knew that the sales team could use results of these workflows to contact high-quality, informed inbound leads already living in their database.

The workflows were successful, and converted at 8.26% and 13.33%, respectively. This left First Stop Health's sales team with a list of sales qualified leads to target.


Goal number one — met!

Goal Two: Save Time with Automated Workflows

First Stop Health's business was all about simplicity, but their own internal processes were quite complicated. Each new client they onboarded needed to educate their employees with a complex workflow.

Maria and her director of client services, Teira Gunlock, spent cumbersome days enrolling their clients' employees individually into workflows. It was a time-consuming process with no automation to help out.

The First Stop Health team knew marketing automation could save them hours of manual entry and execution each week. They also believed that HubSpot could put all of their marketing tools and strategies in one place. But how to set it up?

The First Stop Health team knew marketing automation could save them hours of manual entry and execution each week.

To meet this goal, we talked with Teira about her ideal situation. How often did each First Stop Health client need to be onboarded? How often should they receive emails reminding them to use the service for seasonal illnesses and ailments? How did the marketing team currently add new members to seasonal workflows? 

All of these questions gave us in-depth insight to strategize the best possible utilization of the workflow tool. We wanted to make the process cyclical, easy to clone for new clients, and totally automated to relieve Teira of hours of manual entry.

The Impact

We set up a wide series of customized workflows in HubSpot — and here's a snapshot of just a few.


Now, instead of manually sending emails to mass lists on a complicated seasonal schedule for each client, Teira now has one simple task. She can clone the correct workflow, enroll an uploaded list, and rest assured knowing all employees are onboarded smoothly.

Goal number two, done! 

Goal Three: Become an Industry Leader and Boost Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is like the dessert of inbound marketing: sweet, satisfying, and well-earned after some hard work. 

But in basic Google searches for "telemedicine companies" and other similar keywords, First Stop Health was nowhere to be found. They had not yet become known as a recognized authority in the telemedicine space. Maria and Teira did not have the time to create content to boost their rankings, nor the expertise to optimize their main site pages for this goal.

The marketing team did not have time to create content to boost their rankings, nor the expertise to optimize their site pages.

Our Inbound Marketing Strategists used the keyword tool to identify crucial, core keyword targets. We knew these keywords, when utilized correctly, could drive high-quality traffic and give First Stop Health industry recognition that comes from high-ranking website page.

The Impact

We settled on attainable keywords with relatively high monthly searches and a low difficulty. We set out to drive key pages to the top of rankings with a few SEO steps:

  1. Optimize on-page SEO with headers, page titles, alt image text, and metadescriptions.
  2. Establish internal links between our new, frequent blog posts and website pages.
  3. Target blog content, like "How Telemedicine Companies Are Changing the State of ER Care."

Our results came in quickly, proving that our strategy had worked for two major keywords:sparkreaction-hubspot-impact-awards-telemedicine-companies-keyword-one-link.png


We were satisfied with the keyword recognition. But would our organic traffic show us the fruits of our labor? In just 5 months we were able to increase their organic traffic by 55.7%. The results gave us a resounding "yes!" 


An upward trend — every marketer's rising sun on the horizon. Maria quickly saw the benefit of well researched, highly targeted site pages to drive quality website visitors to the right place. Goal three was checked off!

These quick SEO wins were more than just a win for inbound. They solidified our expertise as an inbound marketing agency, and they built a solid foundation of trust between SparkReaction and First Stop Health's key decision-makers. We had effectively researched, hypothesized, and proven our strategy to help our client meet their diverse goals. 

We had effectively researched, hypothesized, and proven our strategy to help our client meet their diverse goals.


While we love to see results like the ones above — upward trends, solid conversion rates, increased leads, and brand recognition — there's nothing we love more than knowing our clients are satisfied with goals being metBy combining the above solutions with a strong, comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, we helped First Stop Health increase their organic traffic conversation rates 842% YOY!

First Stop Health met their three main goals with a small but mighty team, and they also have a much better understanding of HubSpot's tools and the confidence to charge forward in their inbound marketing. 

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