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Integrating HubSpot & Uberflip results in over $23,000 in additional revenue

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Christmas comes in September for us inbound marketers. It’s time for Inbound 2015––the conference where we celebrate our wins, analyze our losses, and get fired up about another year of making marketing remarkable.

As a part of our learning week (and to feed our competitive sides), inbound agencies submit their work to the Impact Awards. To showcase our work with one of our most successful clients, Men’s Style Lab, we’re submitting an integration aspect of our partnership for the 2015 HubSpot Impact Award of Services Innovation of the Year. See how we used Uberflip to make us smarter, more analytical marketers. 

Using Uberflip

At the start of our engagement, Men’s Style Lab had no content offer to act as a point of conversion for Awareness Stage leads. If someone visited the site, the only way for the company to gather information about how to best serve them was to ask them to sign-up. It was a rushed process that ignored the needs of leads in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. The brand needed a graphically iconic offer––a thing that no other competitor was offering. It needed to be a unique piece of content with layouts, spreads, and photographs that displayed clothing in a way that each reader could picture himself wearing everyday. Because of the nature of the style industry, this thing had to be beautiful. It had to be engaging. And it had to make every reader say, “I want to wear that,” simply because of the way the design showed off products and content.

To accomplish this, we created the Style Guide. To better understand the reading habits of the viewers, we chose to integrate with Uberflip for detailed tracking and data on each issue’s performance. Not only did the spring issue of the Style Guide generate a great amount of revenue via first-touch contacts, it gave us incredible insight into the buying habits of the individual personas of MSL. It performed even better than the winter issue it succeeded.

Although we used this integration with both issues of our Style Guide, this snapshot of just the spring issue shows great data. This issue had 1,823 downloads, with a landing page conversion rate of 33.3%. Through our metrics, we can see it generated 163 new customers (and at least $23,000 in revenue from these new customers). Uberflip allowed us to see in-depth performance metrics to better see how readers behaved while in the actual eBook:

We were able to see that sections like “Box Breakdown” and “Spring Essentials” performed very well––even though the latter was toward the end of the book. We were also able to see that the way some of the sections were designed, like the lengthy spreads of “Spring Essentials,” were often skipped through. This affected the way that we designed future issues.

With 55% of readers spending less than 15 seconds on any given web page (according to Tony Haile of Chartbeat), our readers spent an average of 20 seconds––on each page of the guide. And an average of 12.5 minutes reading the entire Guide.They were finding the right content at the right time, and they wanted to stay to learn more.

Overall, this integration allowed us to deep-dive into the performance of each individual page of our premium content offer––which will make us smarter designers and marketers in every recurring issue.


Stay tuned for an update on our Inbound 2015 experience after the conference dates of September 8-11 in Boston!

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