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3 Crucial Steps to Identify Qualified Leads Before a Sales Hand-Off

Inbound Sales

Did you know that a sales and marketing alignment makes companies 67% more effective at closing deals? At the heart of a sales and marketing alignment is one main thing: Sharing a definition of a qualified lead. As a marketer, you might have an idea of what makes a lead qualified. Maybe already you've felt excited about passing a great lead off to the sales rep... only to see the sale flop or the rep be disappointed. What went wrong? Here's what your sale reps are really looking for in great...
10 min read

Guide to the Marketing Lead Lifecycle Stages

Strategy & Lead Gen Lifecycle Marketing

This blog post was originally published in September 2013, but updated on September 7, 2017. Last month we talked about what it took to build the framework to start increasing your website performance. At this point you are probably starting to get the increase in traffic you were looking for and getting those unknown visitors to convert into leads. But you may be finding out that not all the leads you are getting are the highest quality, ones that would eventually become your ideal customers....
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Infusionsoft VS HubSpot (Revisited 2017)


Although the term "inbound marketing" was coined by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the creators of the HubSpot marketing automation platform, inbound marketing itself is not marketing automation software. It is a methodology and a modern mindset. Inbound marketing is not defined by the tools that you use to accomplish these goals, but rather, it is defined by the success you reach by employing this methodology. Why Inbound Marketing makes sense There are three specific ways Inbound...