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7 min read

The Best – And Worst – Examples Of Social Media Contests I've Seen

Content Marketing

As any business knows (or should know by now), social media can be a critical part of your marketing strategy. But competition is at an all-time high, and companies are struggling to keep fans and followers engaged. A recent trend that has started to generate much-needed buzz is social media contests. Recently Jay Baer touched on this topic with a blog post about the 13 Ingredients in the Perfect Social Media Contest. Today I'm going to touch on two of the best — and worst — examples of...
9 min read

How to Create a Digital Marketing Funnel

Lifecycle Marketing

The sales process has been breaking in a big way. You know how it goes:  Sales reps do the selling, and marketers get a little slice of the pie — attract people to the brand... then, let sales do the rest. This worked in the past. But with digital research rising, consumers are catching on — and they're tuning out of traditional sales pitches. To fix the broken sales funnel, a marketers' role in the sale needs to change dramatically. As a marketer, you must now play a crucial role in making the...
9 min read

Buyer's Journey vs. Customer Lifecycle: What's the Difference?

Strategy & Lead Gen

Marketers love jargon. We're capable of having high-speed conversations with buzzwords flying so fast, it would make a layperson's head spin. Sometimes, though, we can get tripped up on the very lingo we love so dearly. One trip-up we've noticed is the difference between two separate marketing and sales concepts: the buyer's journey and the customer lifecycle.  The sheer variation on these terms can get confusing fast: "buyer's lifecycle," "customer journey," "buyer lifecycle journey,"...