So, You Want to Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency?

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Hiring an Agency

The phrase “starving artist” isn’t just a cute turn of phrase — it’s a reality for lots of people who make their living by making music or art. Most of us enjoy a good concert and like to hang impressive works on our walls, so why are artists still starving?

Because artists are often treated like their work is a hobby, and those who work with them largely undervalue what they have to offer. An example:


While marketers don’t exactly fall under the “starving artist” category, there is one similarity between hiring an artist and hiring an inbound agency: Most people underestimate what they’re actually getting.

What you think you’re paying for:

Someone to help you with HubSpot. Ha! If only it were that simple.

What you’re actually paying for:

  • so-you-want-to-hire-an-inbound-marketing-agency.jpgA team to identify holes in your inbound marketing strategy. Nobody has a perfect marketing strategy (if you know someone who does, please introduce us). When you bring in an outside agency to look around your marketing automation software, we're bound to notice a few areas of improvement. 
  • An assessment of your marketing funnel. While we're busy helping you build site pages, emails and more, we will likely notice if you’ve got too much bottom-of-the-funnel content and not enough happening at the top of the funnel. And we'll let you know. You’re welcome.
  • Help with setting realistic goals. Sure 20,000 website visitors would be nice, but do you really need 20,000 visitors to get the 2 new customers you are looking for? Maybe 20,000 website visitors is the wrong goal. Maybe the goal should be getting your visitor-to-lead conversion rate from 0.6% to 1.2% — this is where an agency excels and usually where you need the most help.
  • Some constructive criticism of your buyer personas. You may think that the team is just there to push some buttons in HubSpot, but we want to get to know your buyer personas, too. And if you haven’t written full buyer persona stories… well, we might give you a little bit of a hard time.
  • Suggestions for relevant premium content offers. In the process, the team at your marketing agency will start to learn what existing offers you have — and what offers you don’t have but should. Our creative minds can't help but brainstorm some content opportunities. 
  • An analysis of your social media strategy. As soon as we pop into the Social tab in HubSpot, we can’t help but take a look at what’s working for your company on social media. Allow us to do a bit of Facebook creeping and we’ll come back with more ideas than you can count.
  • A better understanding of your contacts list. Sure, we’ll help you build out segmented and smart lists — but you better believe we’ll have some ideas for the best way to organize your leads that we’ll want to share.
  • Years and years of marketing experience. When you hire an agency, you aren’t just getting a HubSpot guru who knows which buttons to click when. You’re getting an entire team of marketing experts, growing your own team significantly. There’s power in numbers, and with an agency at your side, you’ve just got more expertise to rely on. 

Not to mention...

Office supplies, rent, payroll, taxes and other standard workplace-related costs. 

Of course, this is just the deal when you hire an agency only to help with HubSpot — not to run your entire marketing program. Then you’re getting even more.


Even if you hire an inbound marketing agency for just a little bit of help, you’ll end up getting more than you expect. Sure, entering an inbound partnership isn’t cheap, but you’ll come out of the relationship with a much stronger marketing program all around. It is just like that musician you hired for your event or the piece of art hanging in your living room — there is immense value in what you paidmuch more than you thought when you were just trying to get it for as cheap as possible.