Unedited Reviews from Some of SparkReaction's Clients


We all have that friend or family member who drags on for 30 minutes telling a story when we really just want them to cut to the punch line. That's how I see blog post introductions most days––a little fluff, a funny anecdote, and a bit too long. 

So, let's cut to the good stuff: You're here to see what it's really like to work with SparkReaction. What do our clients say about us? Why is it so important to hire a HubSpot partner to be your marketing automation experts? 

Does our team really eat as much sushi as our Instagram shows!?! 

Our clients can't really testify to the sushi consumption, but they can tell their stories and show you a slice of what it's like to be a SparkReaction client for inbound marketing, website design, and inbound strategy (our Roadmap process).

These are just a few of the conversations we had during our mid-summer touch-base meetings. See our full website design portfolio here and even more data-driven case studies here

Inbound Marketing Strategy (Roadmap)

"The final roadmap created by Spark Reaction is outstanding! It is so helpful to have our marketing strategy in one, organized document. And, the interview process to create the roadmap was enjoyable and enlightening. Steve and I both felt like the three of you [Brian, Raylee and Sami] really took the time to get to know Carow, and it showed. The funnel is on-target, and flows really well from top to bottom, and we love that there is an actionable, easy-to-follow plan to get us where we need to be. When I saw the mock up of the new website, I shouted a silent cheer in my head. I brought Steve the idea of Carow College [an all-in-one resources page] shortly after I started, and I can't believe it finally exists. Thanks for everything. We are looking forward to working with you to implement the plan."

janet headshot copy.jpg - Janet Freund, Marketing Manager at Carow Packaging


See another testimonial on our inbound marketing audit page specifically about our free marketing audit––which is a preview of the above strategy process. Dana Gratton, marketing manager at MediRevv, says it was the big "a-ha!" moment after months of struggling with inbound in-house.

Monthly Inbound Marketing Retainer

"SparkReaction is my connection to HubSpot and the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. We initially chose to work with Spark because we were producing loads of content without thinking through the strategy. Spark changed our mindset to think through nurture sequences with a strategic purpose. Our HubSpot portal is a beast that they helped tame."

Jodi-headshot copy.jpg

 - Jodi Roberts, Marketing Director at Ekklesia 360


"The team at Spark is amazing! I ask questions, they come up with answers and then even better ways to frame the question. They are great at helping me and my team stay focused on our actual inbound goals and how particular campaigns relate back to increasing leads and sales

Even when I ask about problems that feel like "left field" and maybe outside the scope of the project, they are helpful and gracious and come up with a whole plan––not just a quick fix. They roll deep on the Spark team. They usually have someone in the office who knows how already or has literally just become certified in whatever I'm asking about. It's a crazy world, and Spark is a crazy-helpful partner. 

Sami and Steph bring great ideas to our meetings and can run with what we suggest with minimal guidance and input. I wish I lived closer, I'm sure we'd be budz. Gotta visit Des Moines! I love working with SparkReaction because they make my job so easy. It feels like cheating :)"


- Joanna Gray, Product Marketing Manager at Ekklesia 360


"Working with an agency full of creative people who approach marketing with the same care and compassion that I have for our leads and clients is such a gift. I love that Spark challenges and pushes our team to think of new ways to engage our audience on their terms. Challenge and creativity within a framework of insane organization and using a tool we love make them a huge asset for us."


 - Lizzie Higgins, Customer Advocate at Ekklesia 360


“We knew HubSpot was going to be a great asset for us, but we thought it was total plug and play. We thought we could just turn it on––click, click, click––and the leads would just start rolling in. You could certainly do HubSpot if you had one or two people dedicated to that platform, and they had no other jobs within your marketing department. If they became HubSpot inbound certified, got all the other certifications, and they knew the tool inside and out. 

Once we swallowed the big pill that we could not manage HubSpot to the capabilities where we wanted to take it, finding a HubSpot partner really was a cultural alignment for us.

We interviewed a couple of different HubSpot partners, and none of them besides SparkReaction really seemed to click with us.

I’m sure they probably could do the things that SparkReaction does, but it was how you guys presented it. And the Roadmap made it very easy to understand exactly where our partnership was going to play out. With the other HubSpot partners, it seemed to be all about them. What they were going to do and what they were going to show us, and they’re going to increase our web traffic by X amount, and if it doesn’t work, it’s a fail, and blah, blah, blah. It seemed very data-driven and very analytical, which is something that we do like, but it wasn’t our sole purpose. 

All that being said, I definitely feel over the last 18 months that our marketing efforts have just been outstanding and wonderful. I couldn’t be more proud of our strategy and our plan. The quantity of content we’re putting out at this quality––how it looks and how it reads––I am only getting compliments on it. I feel that for our relationship, that first year was a honeymoon stage. We were still trying to get to know each other. But in the past 6-7 months we have been working together, everything has been a win. I’m so proud and excited of where we’re going in the next 18 months just based on the last 6 months post-honeymoon stage."


 - Heather Sweet, Content Marketing Manager at Kenco Group


Website Design

"We could not be happier with the service provided by the SparkReaction team. After wasting tons of money trying to get the job done locally, we were fortunate enough to learn of SparkReaction through excellent and well-trusted online recommendations. They turned out to be everything that we had hoped for and more. They delivered a superior product for one-third of the cost on time and on budget. They used their creative instincts to clearly present our message and our company in the best possible light. If you're tired of over-promising and under-delivering, I recommend you talk to Josh."


 -Max Lee, Buyer Representative at Praxis Transition Solutions


"Running our web site on the Hubspot platform continues to pay dividends for our company! Hubspot provides tremendous insights into how our customers and prospects consume our web content. When it became clear (through HubSpot analytics) that more and more of our web traffic was consumed on mobile devices, we knew it was time to work closely with SparkReaction on a website redesign to keep up with the mobile world in a cost effective manner. Their entire team worked up a complete plan, strategy, and timeline on how to make it happen, from design goals, screen comps to making small iterative changes designed to maximize web page optimization. The entire experience just flowed, and any time I had questions or needed a quick consultation on a new idea, or design change, SparkReaction was there to provide answers and insights. Thank you again, SparkReaction!"


 - David Schaer, President at Computers Unlimited


"Working with SparkReaction has been such a refreshing experience. The entire web design process ran smoothly, all timelines were met, and the final results were even better than we expected.

I had reached out to several web designers on Hubspot's list, but once we spoke to Josh, we knew we were at the right place. Their willingness to work with our tight budget and taking the time to discuss our needs several times before we even began, was very reassuring. We are truly thankful to the entire team for their great input and direction along the entire process. They made what can be a stressful process into––may I say––a pleasurable experience.

We have just now launched our website and are very excited to start our new marketing campaign with them. We are looking forwarded to even more spectacular results! Thanks again, from the Homelife team."

darrin-headshot.jpgjayne-headshot.jpg- Darrin and Jayne Seppinni of HomeLife Mortgage

"I wanted to say thank you for your expertise, professionalism, flexibility, integrity and speed. In the last 5 years we’ve worked with a multitude of web companies and web developers and you are the very first group that actually delivered what you promised. You and the team are fast, conscientious, flexible and extremely responsive. Furthermore, you deliver great work that makes us look good. Also, I must comment that I sincerely appreciate your willingness to help equip our team as much as you can. My only complaint is that we didn't find you sooner!"


 - Robin Borough, President at Omnikron


"Tears stream down my face at the absolute perfection of those images."


 - Christine Carrig, Director of Marketing Contrast Security, Inc. on revamped icons for their website design

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