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Where to Get Free Inbound Marketing Training for Your Team

 Inbound marketing training doesn't have to be pricy.

The methodology is anyone's game. And you can grab the benefits of inbound marketing without breaking the bank... if you know where to look.

We're pulling back the curtain on our favorite resources to learn the inbound methodology, stay up-to-date with new tactics, and even get certified.

HubSpot Certifications

Considering that HubSpot coined the term "inbound," it's your best bet learning the basics from HubSpot.

HubSpot's easy certifications teach you basics about the inbound methodology: attracting traffic, converting leads, closing deals, and delighting customers. (They're mandatory training at our company!)

The certification training is packaged in video courses that cover different topics, like inbound strategy, email marketing, and more.

You can finish each course off by getting "certified" and earning a shiny badge for your LinkedIn profile, plus bragging rights.

The videos also break down each of the tools you need to complete an inbound strategy, like calls-to-action, landing pages, and blog posts. They're jam-packed with examples and best practices.

Most people's first touch with inbound marketing is HubSpot, but few go through the training.

Why not?

If you or your team want to learn inbound, there's no excuse not to watch HubSpot's certifications. They're handy videos that are totally free and quick to consume.

First, we recommend the inbound certification course for starters.

Next, the contextual certification is great for learning about smart, relevant content. You'll also learn some buyer segmentation basics.

And the email cert is also free to the public, and covers best techniques for sending high-performing inbound emails. (Again, you can check them all out here!)

Our tip: Scared of tests? Wanted to leave that behind in school? If you're looking to get certified, use our strategy: Download the class transcripts and the study guides for each class lesson. Save them as PDFs and, for extra help, pull them up while you take the certification — PDFs are easily searchable for important keywords. Also, the test sections are usually structured around the class sections. So if you answer all of the study guide questions beforehand while watching the videos, you're ready to pass!

Inbound books

When your eyes need a break from videos (mine did!), you can turn to great reads.

inbound-book.jpgOne above all is mandatory reading: "Inbound Marketing: Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers Online" by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah — inbound superstars and the co-founders of HubSpot.

That book is a great, quick manual that you can digest in a few days. It's funny, relatable, and exhaustively persuasive on the benefits of inbound marketing.

We also recommend "Start With Why" by Simon Sinek, which isn't explicitly about inbound marketing, but gets to the core of what marketing can and should be.

The latter inspired us so much that we wrote a blog post about how starting with why can transform your brand loyalty.

Really love sitting down with a good book? Try these 10 recommended marketing reads.

Download our complete guide to qualify and define your business leads.

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So many inbound agencies offer free education... and it's often the latest, greatest tips. It's like getting free research documents every single day to make you a better marketer.

Agencies live in the trenches of inbound every day. And many of them are forthcoming with their big wins and lessons learned.

You gain so much insight by following industry blogs: Some of our favorite inbound marketing blogs include Nectafy, SmartBug, and, of course, Hubspot's marketing blog.

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Drowning in email? Cringe at getting another subscription to your inbox?

Try the Zest extension for Chrome instead.


It curates the best marketing articles on a beautiful interface every time you open a new browser tab. (It's my personal favorite way to read marketing content!)

Bookmark is the go-to forum for marketers. You can read great posts, start discussions, and get all your burning inbound questions answered.

My favorite section is "Ask Inbound," aka dozens of friendly marketers flocking to help each other solve problems.


And the "Future of Marketing" stream is also a gem, with articles about future-proofing your digital marketing presence. is great for networking with other marketers, too — and those relationships are worth their weight in gold.

You can publish a professional bio and earn badges for engaging in the platform.

Pressed on time?

Even with stellar resources, inbound takes time to learn.

Don't sweat it: You can still get generate leads by partnering with an agency. Consider bringing on experts to your team. They can create your inbound marketing strategy and put the pieces in motion.

Hesitant to partner?

Check out our free Marketing Partnership Kit! It will tell you how many hours you'll spend on inbound, who and how to hire, and which questions you need to ask a potential partner.

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