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Become empowered to capitalize on your HubSpot and Digital Marketing investments.


Digital Health Check

Did you know that 80% of your results come from just 20% of your efforts? By organizing, optimizing and analyzing your sales and marketing efforts, you'll know where to focus your efforts to get the best results.



I can help you build and integrate a technology stack that delivers clear, focused business metrics like Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Acquisition Cost, or ROI, versus general goals like website traffic.



Using HubSpot, tag managers, tracking codes and a variety of other software to ensure every aspect of your digital marketing strategy is well managed and implemented with precision and above all is accurate.



Uncover actionable insights from your web and marketing analytics with data analysis, interpretation and real-time reporting – aimed at improving your conversion rates and revenue. 



Using my wealth of industry experience, I help you identify the growth levers to pull and what strategies to test to optimize your marketing spend, boost conversions and increase your ROI.


Ongoing Advising

Improve performance, reduce risk and optimize the return on your digital marketing investments by partnering with me on an ongoing basis (and no contract lock-ins) to ensure you are staying ahead of your competitors.

We'd be a good fit to work with each other if:


  • You’ve been doing inbound marketing for awhile but feel like you aren’t getting results
  • You are getting more than 2,500 visits to your website each month
  • You’ve been using HubSpot for more than a year and feel like it’s becoming a mess
  • You don’t know whether the data is accurate that you are making decisions from 


  • You have a variety of sales and marketing tools and don’t know if you are using them in the most efficient way
  • You know your sales and marketing results could be better but need advice on where to focus your efforts
  • You don't know if all your tools are integrated and communicating with each other

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