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We provide the marketing strategy so you can bring results to the C-suite.

Inbound marketing can deliver lasting results.

Even experienced marketers can feel overwhelmed with the idea of creating an effective plan. That's why we created a service to get you started on a clear path to success: Our inbound marketing roadmap is your custom-made, strategic marketing plan to help you meet and exceed your marketing goals.

An inbound marketing strategy hits all the bases to meet your goals: whether that is lead generation, contact management and lead nurturing, industry leadership, or a high-converting website. We'll analyze your existing marketing funnel and identify where it needs attention, then craft a 40-page strategic plan.

HubSpot analytics


We‘ll start by looking at your current traffic patterns and conversion rates. We want to find out where your traffic is coming from, how are users behaving on your site, and, most importantly, where do we want to improve?

Buyer personas

User Experience Strategy

We need to understand who your target audience is. From there, we’re able to break that down further to create user/buyer personas. This will help us set the stage for making the right recommendations when it comes to content, SEO, and branding of your website.

lead nurture workflows

Content Audits & Nurture Workflows

Messaging is important, and your website might just be shooting the messenger. We’ll review the content on your website for quality, consistency, structure, and information architecture. We'll also provide content ideas that are centered around offers to attract, engage, and convert leads from your website. We'll then recommend appropriate workflows to help move your prospects through your sales funnel.

HubSpot topic clusters content strategy

SEO Audit & Topic Clusters

Our SEO audit allows us to perform in-depth research on your existing site and provide specific recommendations to improve your rankings. We’ll look at things like on-page ranking factors, off-page metrics like backlinks, and URL structuring. We'll provide a recommendation of keywords and topic clusters that are most relevant to your business.

What about my website and branding?

Your brand and website is a powerful player in the online world.

In fact, your website should be your #1 sales person. We’ll review your current website branding and make suggestions for refinement based on your target audience based on all the data we've gathered. We'll provide you with 2 individual website mockups of how we would recommend redesigning your website to take full advantage of your new strategy.


The final roadmap created by SparkReaction is outstanding! It is so helpful to have our marketing strategy in one, organized document. And, the interview process to create the roadmap was enjoyable and enlightening. The funnel is on-target, and flows really well from top to bottom, and we love that there is an actionable, easy-to-follow plan to get us where we need to be. Thanks for everything.

Janet Freund

Janet Freund

Marketing Manager @ Carow Packaging

We knew inbound was the right strategy and HubSpot was the right platform, but after 18 months we didn’t have a single client from all our efforts. SparkReaction’s audit of our HubSpot portal came with an aha! moment: It showed us not only why we needed to increase our visitor-to-lead conversion rate, but also precisely what we needed to change in order to make it happen.

Dana Gratton

Dana Gratton

Marketing Manager @ MediRevv

Going through the Roadmap process with SparkReaction helped us set a clear strategic plan to take our inbound marketing game to the next level. It gave us a new perspective on where we were at and how we could improve. Since we’ve started implementing the Roadmap plan, our blog views have increased over 350% – fulfilling one of our main goals of driving organic traffic.

Jodi Roberts

Jodi Roberts

Marketing Manager @ Ekklesia 360

What's your strategy for 2018?

Strategy is the foundation of your inbound marketing efforts, and starting off on the wrong foot could be disastrous. Schedule a time below, and we can talk through your current strategy and give you ideas on where changes could be made.

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