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I need a website redesign and guidance on how to get there.


The Challenge

A website redesign is a hefty task, and you might not know where to start. Which key points should you hit? How can you guarantee value from your investment? Will your site be mobile responsive and modern? You might be tired of paying for a complete website rehaul every 1-2 years, and seeking something that's a more long-term and sustainable model.

Our Solution

We'll take your website from standard brochure site to a comprehensive sales platform: the hub for your marketing strategy. We think it's important to ask: How does your website fit in to your broader marketing goals? We also think it's vital to use growth-driven design principles — a website that continually grows with your company. Say goodbye to yearly redesigns, and hello to lasting value.

A prospect has already moved through 70% of the sales process before reaching out to your sales team — so your website needs to do the heavy lifting!


What is the purpose of your website?

It all starts with purpose. What do your prospects want from your company, and what do you have to offer? Strategy is the backbone of your web redesign.You need to understand what key piece your website plays in the larger purpose of your marketing strategy. What knowledge is necessary to move prospects down the buyer's journey? Then, you can build out your website organization with this purpose — and your target buyer personas — in mind.


Does your content drive design and development?

Design is the fun part, but you should lay out a content plan before creating even one layout. What do you want to say to prospects, and how can that shape your developement and design choices? Your content will strategically drive the website design and clearly guide visitors down the funnel. Remember: function before form!

Read the blog post, "Why Your Website Redesign Will Fail Without Content Strategy First."


You can't afford to set it and forget it.

In traditional website design, your website is a static "brochure" that stays the same until you update it every few years. It doesn't offer your audience anything new, so they don't need to return. The new standard is growth-driven design: A website continually molded based on buyers' behavior. It's a website that constantly evolves based on data, user patterns, and trends. 

Josh, I wanted to say Thank You for your expertise, professionalism, flexibility, integrity and speed. In the last 5 years we’ve worked with a multitude of web companies and web developers and you are the very first group that actually delivered what you promised. You and the team are fast, conscientious, flexible and extremely responsive. Furthermore, you deliver great work that makes us look good. Also, I must comment that I sincerely appreciate your willingness to share information and help equip our team as much as you can. My only complaint is that we didn't find you sooner! Thanks so much for everything!
Robin Borough President, Omnikron

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