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I don't know where to get started with my inbound marketing strategy.


The Challenge

You know an inbound marketing strategy is the best way to improve your marketing efforts. But where do you get started? There are a lot of elements: Setting goals, moving forward with an automation software, creating buyer personas, and pumping out content. You might be overwhelmed, or just unsure which first step to take.

Our Solution

We'll get you started on your inbound marketing strategy with a 40-page, customized Roadmap. We'll analyze your challenges, consider your goals, and study your target buyer personas. No matter your industry, we'll develop a relevant, comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that works for you, clearly and easily — we do all of the heavy lifting in HubSpot!

An inbound marketing strategy delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound marketing.

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Start with "Why?"

"Why?" is a big question, and it's the only logical place to begin. Set up the foundation of your inbound marketing strategy by asking: Why does my company sell this product or service? Why are we seeking out these particular prospects? It's the core question we ask at SparkReaction, and it will act as a map to move you forward with your inbound marketing plan.

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How many strategies do you currently have?

Many companies are a mess of strategies: marketing, content, website, sales, and social. Do you try to tackle one before you move on to the next? Do you struggle to align different strategies? A shift to inbound is a move towards one cohesive strategy that covers all the bases in your marketing and sales efforts.

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Somewhere is better than nowhere: Where are you going?

Traditional marketing is interruptive, oftentimes annoying, and doesn't actively seek the right people. Prospects find your company because you make them find you — it's a quick and loud call to action. 

An inbound strategy won't happen all at once. It's a gradual journey that builds trust and recognition from the right prospects in the process. So, ask yourself: Where are you headed?

Going through the Roadmap process with SparkReaction helped us set a clear strategic plan to take our inbound marketing game to the next level. It gave us a new perspective on where we were at and how we could improve. Since we’ve started implementing the Roadmap plan, our blog views have increased over 350% – fulfilling one of our main goals of driving organic traffic.
Jodi Roberts Marketing Manager, Monk Development Inc.

Ready to walk the inbound path?

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