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We aren't getting the lead conversion rates we need.


The Challenge

So, you've got steady traffic to your site: but are you moving this traffic down your funnel with lead conversion? If your traffic is bouncing instead of engaging, something on your website isn't quite right. Your problem could be a number of things — like poor landing pages, or forms asking the wrong questions — but thankfully, some top-of-funnel TLC can help in no time.

Our Solution

Take an in-depth look at your points of conversion, and see where the missing link breaks the chain. Maybe the problem isn't in lead conversion at all, but in content that attracts the wrong traffic. Or maybe you're failing to nurture leads down the funnel. Focus on fixing this hole with an inbound marketing strategy, tailored to your company and the leads you need to be converting.

Content-based marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.

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How to make smart content

Are you relevant?

Relevance is the most powerful tool for lead conversion. What does that mean? When someone is searching to solve a particular problem, they are ready to convert — or even buy! That's why you need to be right there with the most relevant, helpful content possible. 

Make your content even more relevant with HubSpot's powerful smart content, which adapts to the viewer based on lifecycle stage. And continually ensure that you're creating the right content for your buyer personas — people who are most likely to convert, and most valuable when they do.

smart forms

To gate, or not to gate?

You can't convert and qualify leads without gathering information on them. Gated content is the easiest way to do so. You offer something valuable — like a helpful eBook or access to a tool — in exchange for a form submission. This helps you understand your leads better, which makes targeted nurturing a cinch. HubSpot's smart forms are powerful for gradually establishing trust: You're asking for the right information you need, but only when leads are at the right stage to give it to you.

Read the blog post, "How to Use HubSpot Smart Fields for the Customer Lifecycle Stages."

HubSpot workflows

Are you nurturing leads?

You've got leads entering your funnel and converting on your content — now what? If you do nothing, your leads will never move through your customer lifecycle — or, worse, they'll go somewhere else! Lead nurture workflows are a great way to coax leads down the funnel. You'll set them up on a tailored path of emails, content offers, and relevant website pages. This helps you gradually build trust and provide a crystal-clear path down the buyer's journey.

Read the blog post, "Examples of Marketing Objectives Throughout the Customer Lifecycle."

Going through the Roadmap process with SparkReaction helped us set a clear strategic plan to take our inbound marketing game to the next level. It gave us a new perspective on where we were at and how we could improve. Since we’ve started implementing the Roadmap plan, our blog views have increased over 350% – fulfilling one of our main goals of driving organic traffic.
Jodi Roberts Marketing Manager, Monk Development Inc.

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