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We are overwhelmed trying to figure out which marketing objectives to focus on.


The Challenge

You're at the helm of your marketing strategy, but you know it needs a focus. There are so many things you could focus on: content, traffic, lead generation, social media, SEO — and the list goes on. It can be paralyzing knowing which marketing objectives to measure and tackle, but you simply cannot afford to let this keep you from getting to work.


Our Solution

It's important to narrow your marketing focus with an in-depth audit. Take a look at your current marketing efforts and results to identify your company's most pressing needs. Are you wearing the right hats? Are you accounting for your entire marketing funnel? Are your marketing and sales goals aligned? This will determine which marketing objectives are the most important for you.

55% of the best B2B marketers have organizational clarity on what content marketing success looks like.


How many hats are you wearing?

Doing inbound alone can feel a lot like holding 15 part-time jobs. In a mad dash to tackle all the elements of inbound, you’ve maybe become the jack of all trades and master of none.

You clearly wear a lot of hats, but are there a few things you wouldn’t mind (or maybe even enjoy) handing off to someone else? It could be one or two inbound tasks — or perhaps it’s all of them. Focus on the "hats" and objectives you want to keep, and get the rest off of your plate with outside help.


Do you have objectives throughout the funnel?

A strong sales and marketing funnel is a good indication of success. It's the backbone of your complete strategy, after all!

If it has a gaping hole, your whole sales and marketing strategy is at a loss. So, It makes sense to pick objectives distributed through your funnel, and organize your strategy to cover all the bases. Start with these marketing objectives examples for a strong sales funnel.


Are you using "smarketing" goals?

Marketing and sales traditionally sit in different offices — but with the inbound marketing methodology, they should be closely aligned. Ask yourself: Are your business goals aligned with your marketing objectives? If so, are they realistic? Keeping unified goals can guide both your sales and marketing strategies. If you feel that your marketing objectives exist in a bubble, consider taking steps to create a sales and marketing alignment.

The team's breadth of knowledge and their ability to be nimble makes them my go-to-partner for anything web-based. And, I mean "anything." The Spark team's in-depth knowledge of web-development, inbound marketing and current trends has given our online presence a high-level boost in performance as well as visual appeal. We've seen the traffic to our website from organic search increase 239% and our conversion rates have increased from 0.18% to 3.54% resulting in significantly more qualified leads for our sales team.
Christine Carrig Director of Marketing, Contrast Security

Ready to choose the right marketing objectives?

Here's our solution to packing the right goals into your strategy.