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We're struggling with traffic generation to our website.


The Challenge

You spend time and money setting up your company's website, so it's frustrating when you don't feel that people are showing up. The only two ways to get your website found are through organic traffic or promotion — so if your traffic generation is falling short, you should be taking a closer look at the quality of your content and website sources.

Our Solution

Content is king for generating traffic (and eventually converting that traffic into leads). But it's not just any content that will do that trick. Make sure your content plan maps to your unique sales funnel and attracts the right visitors. Also ensure that your content is optimized around SEO-friendly keywords and promoted across the right platforms.

Almost 50% of marketers say inbound marketing strategies are their primary source of leads to their website, double that of outbound.


Are you promoting as often as you are creating?

Content is a fantastic inbound tool for attracting traffic to your site. But it won't just be found automatically! Creating awesome content is only half the picture. You should be promoting your offer or blog across channels: Social media, e-mail, and to your networks and connections. Use different language and try different headlines to see what's generating the most clicks and traffic.

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Are you optimized?

One "sit-back-and-relax" form of traffic generation is SEO. Your website pages and blog posts should be tapping into searchable, relevant keywords that give your content a rank in major search engines. Make sure each content offer or site page you write is rooted in a keyword.

Do your research to make sure it's something your ideal audience is actually searching — don't forget that linguistics might be different for your buyers than for you! And opt for long-tail keywords, which are often easier to rank for.

Are you blogging frequently

Are you blogging frequently?

Keywords and promotion will get your content far, but your traffic generation won't continue without fresh, frequent content. Opt to create a high-quality blog post weekly or twice-weekly. This will keep search engines in your favor, secure your keyword ranks, and give your audience new reasons to come back every few days.

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Going through the Roadmap process with SparkReaction helped us set a clear strategic plan to take our inbound marketing game to the next level. It gave us a new perspective on where we were at and how we could improve. Since we’ve started implementing the Roadmap plan, our blog views have increased over 350% – fulfilling one of our main goals of driving organic traffic.
Jodi Roberts Marketing Manager, Monk Development Inc.

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