Do You Qualify?

Your time is limited, so is mine. Let's figure out if we are a good fit as soon as possible!

The Ideal Person for This Call...

  • Is open to new ideas/strategies
  • Is committed to their end goal
  • Has recurring traffic to their website (over 2,500 visitors/month)
  • Knows their sales and marketing results could be better but need advice on where to focus their efforts
  • Is looking to generate more revenue from their website

This is NOT for:

  • Companies with no market validation
  • You are doing less than $500,000 in revenue per year
  • People who don't want to change their marketing approach and like doing things their own way
  • You don’t like to be challenged with new ideas and suggestions
  • Websites without traffic

I get several calls a week but I accept less than 3 clients every month.

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