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Lead Generation Case Study

Ekklesia 360 sees a 71.5% month-over-month increase in blog traffic and its highest-ever customer months — all thanks to an inbound marketing strategy.

Ekklesia 360 is a website development company that partners with ministries around the world to help churches create a modern, engaging presence online.

In 2006, the company known then as Monk Development began in the home of its founder, Drew Goodmanson. Drew was determined to help churches create and manage powerful ministry presences on the internet. As his team grew over the next decade, so did the number of tools, website themes, and services it provided.

This story that follows is the goal we have for every client: to research and set realistically innovative strategies, craft great content to fuel the funnel, and generate more qualified leads for the sales team. Ekklesia 360 quickly saw the power of moving beyond content creation to a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that grew business.


The Challenge


In the early spring of 2015, marketing manager Jodi Roberts was quickly realizing that Ekklesia 360’s own online presence needed more fuel for its fire.

“We knew content production was a pivotal part of our inbound marketing strategy, but there is just always so much to be done. It felt like we couldn't get our head above water when it came to regularly producing blog post and premium content.”

This became the primary goal for our partnership with the Ekklesia 360 team: producing excellent, engaging, innovative content to reach and educate more church leaders and ministry minds.

By blogging frequently, revising old premium content, and creating new pieces to fill the “holes” in its array of offers, we would help the company build its rapport in the industry and draw in more visitors and leads. 

The Strategy


Our process began with an Inbound Marketing Roadmap — a comprehensive strategy document that outlined the purpose, plan, and three-month execution of Ekklesia 360’s inbound marketing efforts. Jodi says her team needed this momentum to know they were on the right path:

“Since we’ve started implementing the Inbound Marketing Roadmap that SparkReaction developed, our blog views increased over 350% — fulfilling one of our main goals of driving organic traffic.”

The results were phenomenal, but we soon reached a pivotal point in our work: No matter how much blog and social media traffic we drove, we knew we needed to nurture and guide these new leads through the buyer’s journey.

When Ekklesia 360’s marketing team came to us seeking more visitors, we responded with lead generation strategies and nurture techniques that would ensure a consistently fed funnel full of qualified, marketing-ready leads.

Inbound marketing services at work

These inbound strategies drove results for Ekklesia 360.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

We audited existing marketing efforts to craft a strategic Inbound Marketing Roadmap, a 40-page plan to improve problem areas in the funnel.
Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing

We partnered on a monthly basis to analyze leads, develop and execute a content plan, and continually refine the customer lifecycle strategy.

Inbound Marketing Results

After implementing a range of strategies for Ekklesia 360, we generated real results and fixed holes in the funnel. The proof is in the pudding:

Increase in MOM Blog Traffic

After setting up a comprehensive calendar for Ekklesia 360, we saw big improvements in overall blog traffic. In May, the Ekklesia 360 blog comprised 8% of total site traffic. In just five months, it had more than doubled to 18% of total site traffic. Social media traffic also increased by 175% overall.

These readers converted, too: Blog subscribers increased an average of 64.8% each month. 

Lead Conversions

Before working with SparkReaction, Ekklesia 360 had no comprehensive lead conversion process. They generated leads but strategy to move these leads through the marketing and sales funnel.

We established nurture workflows stemming from premium content offers, like eBook redesigns and other helpful guides tailored to Ekklesia 360's buyer personas. Soon, Ekklesia 360 increased marketing qualified leads by over 10% per offer, and top-performing landing pages began seeing a 45% conversion rate.

Highest-Ever Customer Months

With our traffic and conversion strategies, Ekklesia 360 now had more qualified leads to track — and important data to nurture them — than ever before.

In just the first six months of our partnership, we increased Ekklesia 360's MQLs, SQLs, and opportunities by 14.9%. The sales team received more leads from marketing, and those leads were more qualified and likely to close.

As a result of a fine-tuned funnel, the first and second months of our partnership were the highest customer-closing months for Ekklesia 360.