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Men's Style Lab

B2C Lead Generation Case Study

Men’s Style Lab sees 90% ROI in six months through premium content, blogging, and organic traffic from inbound marketing efforts.

Men's Style Lab is a clothing 'concierge' service that connects personal stylists with men across the United States. Stylists curate boxes to meet the fit, style, and preferences of customers after men fill out a "style survey." Curated boxes come either once, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly — and customers decide which fashions to keep, and which to send back.

In the early fall of 2014, MSL exploded in rapid growth and popularity. They had preliminary interest and a huge list of email opt-ins from interested men, but no follow-up lead nurturing. While the staff knew there were gaps in its marketing, they focused mainly on the immediate needs of sales and customer service.

Without smart marketing, they knew this level of growth wouldn't be sustainable. They needed a single marketing tool and an agency to unite marketing and sales efficiently under one umbrella, and to tie their fledgling social media, blogging, and email marketing strategies together with one platform.

Men's Style Lab

The Challenge


Men's Style Lab grew fast in popularity and generated word-of-mouth traffic at the outset. As a result, they accumulated a huge list of potential customers that opted in to receive emails. But many of these men weren't quite ready to buy, and they were dropping off just before hitting "submit" on the box subscription form. They needed nurturing, but MSL didn't have any lead nurturing strategy in place.

In addition to holes in the funnel, MSL knew they needed a sustainable source of long-term traffic after the initial boom wore off. They knew the power of content marketing — especially in the style and fashion industry — but they weren't blogging effectively or frequently. 

The Strategy


SparkReaction saw this hole in the funnel, and we devised an opportunity to fix it. We set up a sequence of nurture emails in an automated workflow, which engaged leads gradually with enticing offers and high-quality content.

We also set a content marketing strategy into motion, complete with regular, high-quality blog posts that are standard for the fashion and lifestyle industry. In addition to content lead nurturing, we automated a process to pass cold leads to MSL stylists, who followed up with leads a few days after form abandonment. As a result, we had landed on a sustainable way to capture traffic and nurture those leads into customers.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

These strategies put Men's Style Lab's goals into motion.
Inbound Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

We audited existing marketing efforts to craft a strategic Inbound Marketing Roadmap, a 40-page plan to improve problem areas in the funnel.
Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing

We partnered on a monthly basis to analyze leads, develop and execute a content plan, and continually refine the customer lifecycle strategy.

Inbound Marketing Results

Our efforts generated sustained traffic and effectively nurtured leads into customers.

Organic Search Visits Increase by 150%

Thanks to SEO optimization and consistent blogging, we increased traffic steadily. We saw only one dip in January, and determined it was a seasonal, post-holiday low anticipated by the industry and seen across most MSL metrics.

We also increased MSL's visits-to-contacts metric, or the rate at which visitors turned to leads. A steady increase proved that the organic traffic was highly qualified, and we soon surpassed MSL's goals of increasing leads — as evidenced by the 10% conversion rate (which is nearly 3x the 1-2% average).

Premium Content Increases Average Sale by 26%

Our lead generation strategy set MSL far and awayfrom its competitors: We saw a lack of Awareness-stage offers, so we developed a content piece to attract and convert visitors. The Style Guide, a magazine-style lookbook of MSL clothing in action, generated nearly $58,000 in revenue with just two seasonal issues.

The Style Guide had a measurable impact on customer behavior: Men increased their average spend on a box by 26% after reading the Guide, compared to other traffic sources. Specific personas spent even more after this content touchpoint.

Blog Views Increase 30-40% MOM

SparkReaction launched The Lab Report, MSL’s blog, in late November of 2014. After a few months, we increased the blogging from bi-weekly to tri-weekly. On average, the blog saw an increase in viewership of 30-40% each month. The Lab Report accounted for 6-8% of total monthly website traffic. 

Blog subscriptions allowed MSL to increase lead-generation month-over-month. We started from zero with no subscribers at the start of the blog, but since beginning, the total subscription base has reached nearly 2,000.